We know that any remodeling project including building home addition, renovating a kitchen or a bathroom is in itself a messy and disruptive project by its nature. Many customers we have choose to live in the house while the remodeling or home addition is in full swing. That is why we do everything in our power to make this tough process as easy to live thru as we can. When a project starts, majority of our customers are somewhat ready to face the challenges the home addition brings like a noise, dust and disruption of the normal life. Our team of designers and workers is committed to reduce those challenges and make living thru construction phase as smooth and less stressful as possible.

Keeping you up to date

you will meet your project manager who will handle and be aware of all aspects of your renovation project. He will be your single point of contact and keep you updated with the latest developments, adjustments keeping your project running swiftly on time. He will be the one to answer your questions that might arise, inform you of the different phases of the project, new specialists coming or changes in schdule.

How long does it take

To make you aware of what one can expect from the project time frame, we will provide you with an estimated schedule of how the project work is planned along with the completion date. Your project manager will keep you posted on the progress of the work, on what is planned for tomorrow and help make adjustments to address concerns you have. We do understand that you want to get to enjoy your new space and are willing to make it thru the construction phase, and it is our goal to help you get to the other side as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Keep it clean

When living thru the construction, we understand that cleanliness is one of the priorities and will have impact not only on the comfort of your living conditions, but on your health even when the project is complete. We will block off the cold air returns from dust and dirt entering them. Sticky mats will be used where possible to minimize the dust transfer from work zones. We will put up the plastic barrier walls with zipper doors to help contain dust transferring from work areas into living quarters. Plastic over carpet (or wooden floors) would be covering paths if they lead to work areas, or where appropriate.
The work areas will be cleaned up at the end of each work day to keep it from being messy. Upon the completion of the project, a thorough cleanup will be done by a professional cleaning crew to have it move in ready.

Access to work areas

We use code locks or lock boxes to control access to the work area. This way we ensure that you do not have to wait for workmen to come or leave, but rather to disconnect from the project and live your life as usual. If there is no usable rest room in the work area, we will provide portable toilets for our workers in order to help you preserve your everyday privacy where appropriate.

Taking into consideration that you live in this house that also became a project, we understand that our workmen impact your life on daily basis. We will negotitate the work schedule with you in order to meet your needs and will work alongside of it. But you can expect our workmen to be in around 7:30am and be out by 6pm unless otherwise arranged. We do not work Saturday or Sunday or holidays without your permission.

Safety and compliance

We adhere to lead safe work environment practices prior to work commence. We received certification from OSHA and lead compliance agency to be on top of latest advances in health and safety regulations to keep your family and our workers safe and healthy.