Our Mission – What Makes Us Unique From Others

There are numerous remodeling companies in the Chicagoland area. You can select one of the companies for a kitchen renovation or home addition. You can see most companies give similar details of their processes, services and experiences. So why you select Greenleaf Developers and what makes it different from other companies?

The Greenleaf Developers company always tries to satisfy the customer in every home remodelling job. We are fully committed and dedicated in every home addition project. This commitment and dedication have resulted in hundreds of thousands of complete house improvement tasks over a span of 20 years. Our satisfied customer base who also referred our company name to their family members and friends for their home additions. We never able to claim this, if we did not stay with our commitment to be the best in home remodelling service and provide instant customer service to the customers.

For more than 20 years, Greenleaf Developers’s mission has been the building block of our business management, customer service and reputation have been built:

Our aim is to provide every customer with an unique home addition and kitchen renovation experience. We are feeling proud when our clients are happy and refer us to others.

We believe strong Relationships with the clients are the foundation of our business:

  • A good relationships with our clients which are made upon trust.
  • An effective relationship with our staffs that are good for everyone.
  • A better relationships with our associates which are built on loyalty.

Our main strength is the value. All efforts should be aimed toward a continuous development to provide value.

Our procedures, policies, actions and decisions are based upon fair business ethics and integrity.

Reliability, value, trust, fair business ethics and integrity are added in the heart of the Greenleaf Developers company. We see each project with a new or repeat customer as an honor and try to deliver our best effort every time.

Reliability and reputation can only be gained with performance, experience and time. If you are seeking for a home remodeling company to renovate your house and kitchen, then we suggest you start your search with the testimonial letters. We get the testimonial letters from our customers whom we provide the services. We can relentlessly  talk about how determined we are in our work and try to deliver the best service, but it is more meaningful when the confirmation comes from the people who enjoyed our services already.

Warranty on construction

“We are saying that all of the workmanship and  materials we used will be the foremost standards of excellence. We will stand behind the project for one year after the project completion. Any kind of difficulties that rise up will be tackled immediately. Our standard of work can be visible all over the Chicago region.”

Time Guarantee for project completion

The Greenleaf Developers company guarantees you the beginning and ending date of the project. We understand how crucial it is that your home remodelling and kitchen renovation is finished on time.