After furthering my experience and education under Sears, I decided to take those experiences towards expanding my own company. Throughout this time, I ran about 4 crews of employees to complete siding windows, and soffet fascia, in addition to working under small, local companies as a sub contractor working on their projects. During this time, I was also taken on by Home Depot to run a team working with siding, roofing, and window additions. Through these multiple opportunities, I was able to learn managing multiple projects and crews making every project work towards specific deadlines and budgets.

This was also the time I started to venture into rehabbing homes throughout Chicagoland. I would purchase homes and complete work on them by giving them new: drywall, gutters, roof, windows, siding, kitchen cabinets, floors, bathrooms, and any other overhauls needed to make the spaces feel more like a cohesive home.