Owning a house in Chicago comes with its own set of problems for the home owners. One of the main problems that they are faced with is the property coming with a small bathroom. Owing to the high square footage pricing of land in the city expanding is not always the most cost-effective option. The bathroom is an integral part of any home, that is why it is important make the most of what is available.

Here are some effective ways to overcome the challenges of small bathrooms in your Chicago home.

Vertical wall patterns

Vertical wall patterns are a great way to give the illusion of height to smaller bathrooms. Accent wall patterns with paint or tiles provide color and also gives a sense of space to cramped bathrooms.

It adds a depth to your bathroom without becoming too overwhelming. You can choose to make the entire back wall an accent wall or simply add a vertical band. Keep the rest of the walls plain to avoid diluting the effect.

Try floating sinks and floating vanities

Wall mounted vanities and sinks are a great way to make a small bathroom look more open. Floating sinks and vanities free up floor space and create the sense of space in an otherwise cramped area.

Try choosing narrow designs for washbasins. These offer you the same functionality of a traditional sink without taking up too much space. They also provide you with adequate storage solutions.

Wall mounted toilets

This follows the same concept as the wall mounted sinks and vanities. Freeing up floor space and the much-needed leg room with this remodeling idea can come in quite handy for home owners.

If the walls in your bathroom allow you to build in a toilet tank, then this option is best suited for you.

Add a mirror wall to your bathroom

Robincrest house half bathroom, additions, new homes, Greenleaf Developers GlenviewSimply adding mirrors across one wall of small bathrooms can significantly double the feel of the room. If your home has a narrow bathroom, this method can be quite effective in providing a look of space and depth.

Mirrored walls are also very effective in reflecting light in small rooms. This helps you maximize your lighting and fixtures. It can also help enhance the natural light that your bathroom receives if you place the mirrors correctly.

Choose light colors for your walls

Having dark colored walls for your bathroom can significantly decrease the perception of space in an already small room. You need to be very careful about the colors you choose when you are dealing with a small bathroom.

Light colored walls are more effective in reflecting light and giving the feel of space to a small room. If you want to add dark colors, keep them for the floors. If your bathroom comes with wooden floors, then choose the tiles for your shower area in the shade that is closest to the wood. This way you can create an illusion of continuation and space.

If you think you might need ideas for your bathroom remodeling project or you are shy away from making those decisions we would be happy to help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our developers to have a second opinion. Our experience allows us to spot and suggest things you might not think of. You’ll be glad you did.