About Greenleaf Developers

The Beginning

My building construction experience began in 1990 with a local Chicagoland company that was small and gave me the education I needed to start in the business. I learned a lot about how to install gutters, siding, and windows in order to better a home’s value and quality. After working for the company for a year and learning a lot about installation I accepted a job offer from Sears Home Improvement to work on the Window and Siding Team in Elk Grove Village. Throughout my time working for Sears, myself and my crew won a distinguished title of “Installers of the Year” multiple times, furthering my experiences and education about proper home improvement.


In 1997, I was fortunate enough to accept a position working directly under Sears to become a field quality manager: inspecting about 30 crew’s making sure their work was up to the standards and quality of Sears, in addition to running my own crews of about 20 employees. My teams continued to work on completing jobs installing siding, windows, and roofs, in addition to branching out and completing builds of porches and decks.


After furthering my experience and education under Sears, I decided to take those experiences towards expanding my own company. Throughout this time, I ran about 4 crews of employees to complete siding windows, and soffet fascia, in addition to working under small, local companies as a sub contractor working on their projects. During this time, I was also taken on by Home Depot to run a team working with siding, roofing, and window additions. Through these multiple opportunities, I was able to learn managing multiple projects and crews making every project work towards specific deadlines and budgets. This was also the time I started to venture into rehabbing homes throughout Chicagoland. I would purchase homes and complete work on them by giving them new: drywall, gutters, roof, windows, siding, kitchen cabinets, floors, bathrooms, and any other overhauls needed to make the spaces feel more like a cohesive home.

Hands-on Experience

I purchased my own home in Glenview in 1999 and began finalizing the plans and designs, allowing me to complete my first full demolition, being able to start a home from the ground up. I built the multi-million dollar home and sold it: resulting in more opportunities to continue building new homes. I went on to purchase old homes, demolish them, and then build new homes all throughout Glenview, Winnetka, and Wilmette. In addition to these new constructions going on, I continued to branch into additions and renovation projects throughout the North Suburbs.

New Construction & Renovation

From 2000 and on, I found my projects gearing more towards new builds and renovation projects and less towards siding and window installation where I had first begun my construction career. I not only built homes for my company to sell, but was also hired by persons looking for specific qualities in a home: I was taken on as a general contractor and project manager, overseeing the build from start to finish.

International Experience

In 2010, a new opportunity arose, and I was hired by an American Corporation and had the chance to build a factory in Europe allowing for the company to expand its reach from America into the European market. This project ended up taking about 3 years starting from an empty lot, to a fully functioning factory producing ice cream.

Back in the US

With the project in Europe complete, I was hired to build a new home in Wilmette with a short deadline and specifications directly tailored to a disability. Elevators, voice activated equipment allowed for an easier every day life for the family. The project was completed on deadline and allowed the family to move into a home that worked for them for a lifetime.

Working On…

I am currently working on a large addition project in Glenview. The house was purchased under foreclosure and was in unlivable conditions. This of course presented many issues such as code violations, safety issues, and space restriction. However, with the help of many experienced crews, and a great design team, the plans were finalized and are available on the website. This project is currently underway and in progress to becoming a functioning and comfortable home.

Why Greenleaf Developers…

As I am a homeowner myself, homes are an investment which is why I want to further your ideals and goals for your home: whether that be a current home or a dream home not yet built. For families where a home is special, but space is needed: an addition is a great budget-friendly option. It provides the space necessary in addition to the style and function being specific to the families specifications. You can decide on anything from tiling, cabinets, and small touches such as hardware and paint colors: anything to add personal touches to a home where function and style is key. Our utmost priority is making the customer feel comfortable and secure in their choice to hire us. As a local Chicagoland company, we strive to work with any ideas the customer may have. We are not a large corporation, but a family run business with the ideals of being available in any way that we can make the building process easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have! We look forward to hearing from you. All estimates are free, and we are happy to offer any advice or questions dealing with issues, concerns, or even design questions you may have on your future dream home.